Kickstarter Preview – Ascended Kings

Spencer and Lara preview Ascended Kings from Incarnate Games and designer Jason Allen. Ascended Kings is a battle royal, arena combat style game for 2-4 players. This review is based on a prototype.

Description from the publisher:

Ascended Kings is a battle royal tabletop game for 2 – 4 players that introduces new, original and innovative gameplay mechanics. This is free-for-all combat to the death and beyond, meaning there is no player elimination. You begin as one of the Ascended Kings, when your character falls in combat, you return as an entity known as a Revenant. Every time a Revenant is slain, that Revenant continues to return, providing each player the opportunity to win regardless of the number of times they return from death.

Each player begins with a dormant bloodstone, an item that the Kings are desperately attempting to repower. The objective of the game is to obtain all 4 of these bloodstones by slaying your rivals. The fires of immolation are ever advancing forward, forcing players further into combat.

Once a player has reunited all 4 of the bloodstones the Omega Stone will appear, a symbol of ultimate power. The holder of the 4 bloodstones will attempt to claim Omega in order to win the game while their opponents seek to strip the bloodstones from them in order to claim Omega for themselves!

Interview with designer Jason Allen

We also had the chance to interview the designer of the game. Give it a listen:

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