Kickstarter Preview – Totall Recall: The Official Tabletop Game

Spencer and Lara give their thoughts on Total Recall, a new game built on the Good Cop, Bad Cop engine. The game, published by Overworld Games, is now on Kickstarter.

Description from the publisher:

Total Recall: The Official Tabletop Game is built on the Good Cop Bad Cop engine and is set in the universe of the 1990 movie Total Recall. All players begin in a Rekall dream, equipped with a gun and some Turbinium, fighting for either the Federal Colonies or the Rebels looking to take down the opposing leader (Kuato or Cohaagen) to win.

However, if you get shot during your adventure, you’ll wake up from the dream and join a new team, the Rekall Scientists. You’ll have all new actions that let you manipulate the dream from the outside and a new winning objective: Get all of the Turbinium in the game.

For the memory of a lifetime, Rekall, Rekall, Rekall.

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