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Spencer and Lara Williams from Married with Board Games takes a look at Shahrazad, from Osprey Games!

Description from the publisher:

“You shall be rewarded if your tale amuses me.”

The eccentric king issued the edict to all over the country. You are a bard who is willing to take up that challenge. You have to make up a tale by mixing stories in the world and enchant the king with the tale.

With beautifully illustrated 22 tarot cards with four background colours, this card game demands you make a succession of tough decisions. You will be excited to see how the storyline barely keeps consistency.

Basically, you play a card from two cards in your hand each turn. When you have played all cards, the first round ends and you score according to the card positions. With some of these cards remaining in play, the game proceeds to the second round in the same way. The total of two rounds is your final score.

Married with Board Games Rating – Shahrazad – 8 out of 10

Interested in adding Shahrazad to your collection?

A review copy of Shahrazad was provided by Osprey Games for the purposes of this review.

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