Our Top 100 Games of All Time Revealed

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Over the past several weeks, we’ve been releasing videos in a series highlighting our top 100 games of all time. We decided to compile a joint list consisting of games we enjoy playing together. While they aren’t all two player games, we know that we both enjoy them and will gladly play them any time.

In order to rank the games in the join list, we each ranked the games separately. Spencer ranked the list, and then Lara ranked the list. We averaged the ranks and voila, we have a top 100 list.

There were some ties that we had to break, and there were a few instances where we adjusted the final outcome slightly. However, the final list we agreed upon as an excellent example of compromise.

Below you will find our individual lists before we averaged them and made those slight adjustments. Thanks so much to all of you who have been watching our series. We’ve had an excellent time making it!

Lara’s Top 100 Games of All Time

100. Odin’s Ravens
99. Loonacy
98. Martial Art
97. Fortune and Glory
96. Machi Koro
95. Wok on Fire
94. Temporum
93. Concept
92. Celestia
91. Last Night on Earth
90. Kerala
89. Incan Gold
88. One Night Ultimate Werewolf
87. Forbidden Desert
86. Captain Sonar
85. Arkham Horror Card Game
84. Artifacts Inc.
83. Council of Verona
82. Welcome to the Dungeon
81. Lovecraft Letter
80. Tides of Madness
79. Telestrations
78. Pandemic Iberia
77. Jaipur
76. Flash Point
75. Deception: Murder in Hong Kong
74. Codenames
73. Cash ‘n Guns
72. Splendor
71. Shadows over Camelot
70. Raise Your Goblets
69. Love Letter Batman
68. Escape: Curse of the Temple
67. Sharazad
66. Cthulhu Realms
65. Century Spice
64. 7 Wonders Duel
63. Arcane Academy
62. The Resistance
61. Small World
60. Seikatsu
59. Portal
58. Purrrlock Holmes
57. Mission: Red Planet
56. Iron Curtain
55. A La Carte
54. Beyond Baker Street
53. Jamaica
52. Burgle Bros.
51. London Dread
50. Bang! The Dice Game
49. Kanagawa
48. Shakespeare
47. Mascarade
46. Fury of Dracula
45. Eldritch Horror
44. Escape from the Aliens in Outer Space
43. Cosmic Encounter
42. Dragon & Flagon
41. The Grizzled
40. Sherlock Holmes: Consulting detective
39. Klondike Rush
38. 7 Wonders
37. Alhambra
36. Betrayal at House on the Hill
35. Rococo
34. Raptor
33. Police Precinct
32. Castles of Mad King Ludwig
31. Sagrada
30. Near and Far
29. Clank!
28. Dead of Winter
27. Pandemic Reign of Cthulhu
26. Elder Sign
25. Cthulhu Gloom
24. Spurs
23. Lords of Waterdeep
22. Flick Em up
21. Wasteland Express Delivery Service
20. Above and Below
19. Potion Explosion
18. Pandemic Legacy Season 1
17. Colt Express
16. Flip Ships
15. Pandemic
14. Robinson Crusoe
13. Islebound
12. Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle
11. Five Tribes
10. Whistle Stop
9. Champions of Midgard
8. Terraforming Mars
7. Flatline
6. Viticulture
5. Adrenaline
4. Viral
3. Mansions of Madness
2. Roll Player
1. Scythe


Spencer’s Top 100 Games of All Time

100. Martial Art
99. Cthulhu Gloom
98. Concept
97. Loonacy
96. Machi Koro
95. Love Letter Batman
94. Temporum
93. Wok on Fire
92. Welcome to the Dungeon
91. Captain Sonar
90. Fury of Dracula
89. Cash ‘n Guns
88. Council of Verona
87. Fortune and Glory
86. Klondike Rush
85. Purrrlock Holmes
84. Sagrada
83. Splendor
82. Telestrations
81. Cthulhu Realms
80. Shadows over Camelot
79. A La Carte
78. 7 Wonders Duel
77. Sharazad
76. Incan Gold
75. Pandemic Reign of Cthulhu
74. Seikatsu
73. Last Night on Earth
72. Jaipur
71. Forbidden Desert
70. Kerala
69. The Resistance
68. Artifacts Inc.
67. Celestia
66. Odin’s Ravens
65. Codenames
64. Flip Ships
63. 7 Wonders
62. Arcane Academy
61. Century Spice
60. Clank!
59. Cosmic Encounter
58. One Night Ultimate Werewolf
57. Mascarade
56. Lovecraft Letter
55. London Dread
54. Pandemic
53. Raise Your Goblets
52. Small World
51. The Grizzled
50. Flick Em up
49. Tides of Madness
48. Dead of Winter
47. Spurs
46. Sherlock Holmes: Consulting detective
45. Escape from the Aliens in Outer Space
44. Escape: Curse of the Temple
43. Arkham Horror Card Game
42. Bang! The Dice Game
41. Deception: Murder in Hong Kong
40. Alhambra
39. Betrayal at House on the Hill
38. Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle
37. Mission: Red Planet
36. Jamaica
35. Adrenaline
34. Beyond Baker Street
33. Elder Sign
32. Shakespeare
31. Wasteland Express Delivery Service
30. Flash Point
29. Lords of Waterdeep
28. Colt Express
27. Portal
26. Dragon & Flagon
25. Burgle Bros.
24. Castles of Mad King Ludwig
23. Police Precinct
22. Terraforming Mars
21. Raptor
20. Near and Far
19. Roll Player
18. Whistle Stop
17. Pandemic Iberia
16. Kanagawa
15. Eldritch Horror
14. Flatline
13. Potion Explosion
12. Rococo
11. Iron Curtain
10. Above and Below
9. Robinson Crusoe
8. Champions of Midgard
7. Five Tribes
6. Pandemic Legacy S1
5. Mansions of Madness
4. Scythe
3. Viral
2. Viticulture
1. Islebound


5 thoughts on “Our Top 100 Games of All Time Revealed

  1. Miguel

    Hello, first of all i love your Top 100. And also many of your tastes 😉
    But i dont understand some of your modifications on your Top 100 list.
    For example: How Flatline is #7 and #14 on your personal lists and end up to be #7 on your joint list!
    And for example Viral is #3 and #4 and end up to be #9 on your joint list.
    So you both prefer Viral than Flatline i assume, but on your Top100 list Flatline is ahead!!!
    I know its not only average but this doesn’t make any sense.
    Thank you and keep up the great work, bye.

    1. Spencer Williams Post author

      Hi Miguel!

      Sorry for the delayed response. When it game to our final rankings, we had to come to some decisions when there were ties. And in those discussions, we decided (as a couple) that some things should be moved around slightly since this was a joint list.

      Viral is a perfect example. I LOVE Viral, and Lara really likes it too, but as a two player game, it falls kind of flat because you have to use a dummy player.

      However, playing Flatline is much more enjoyable at two players, so it ended up higher on “The Married with Board Games” list, than our individual lists.

      I hope that helps a little bit! And thank you so much for watching!

  2. Tom

    Wow I just have to ask, how is Star Wars Rebellion not on either list? My wife and I play games a lot and this is one of our favorites to play. Even though its against each other we still have a ton of fun.

    1. Spencer Williams Post author

      Well Tom, it probably would be…. we just haven’t played it yet. Doh!

      Our time to play games is scare and we aren’t sure how often we’d get this long game to the table. How long do you find it usually takes to play?

  3. Darryl Jones @splatteredink

    Nice lists! I’m glad to find your blog. Spencer has Scythe and Viticulture in his top five! Awesome. Though I’ve never played Islebound. I’m going to have to give that a try. Also, I’m glad to see Burgle Bros in both lists. Keep up the good work.


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