Spencer and Lara at their gaming retreat.

About Us

Welcome to marriedwithbg.com!

Hi! We’re Spencer and Lara and we are Married with Board Games! We’re a husband and wife team who seeks to share our love of gaming with gamers and non-gamers alike.

One of the ways we spent time together before we began dating was playing board games. The activity provided a fun time between friends and allowed us to get to know each other better.

​Luckily, we realized we actually kind of liked each other! So, we got married in 2011 and have been playing games ever since. We have so much fun playing games with each other and our friends. Because of this, we want to tell everyone about how much fun we have.

We are thankful to have a common love of games which provides a great opportunity for our relationship to grow.

Here on our website you will find video reviews of games, episodes of the Married with Board Games Podcast, along with some text reviews and our Blog.

Review Disclaimer:

Some publishers provide us with review copies of games at no charge to us in exchange for a review of the game. We are not obligated to provide a glowing or even positive review of the game. Our opinions are not swayed by receiving a game from the publisher.

That being said, we always try to find something positive about a game and try to identify the appropriate audience that would best appreciate the game.

Amazon Associates Disclaimer:

Links on marriedwithbg.com which refer to an Amazon listing of a game give us a tiny bit of the percentage of the sale.