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Kickstarter Preview – Konja

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Spencer speaks for all of Married with Board Games when he gives a mini review of Konja, a press-your-luck, resource management game! Description from the publisher: Konja is a press-your-luck and resource management dice and card game in which players compete as wizards summoned by the old King to manifest… Read more »

Kickstarter Preview – Underleague

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  Spencer and Lara give their thoughts on Underleague from Cogwright Games. The game was designed by Fergus Blair with artwork by Mozchops. Description from the publisher: Underleague is a fantasy card game set in the smoke-filled city of Helgarten. Players take on the role of breeders assembling a stable… Read more »

Kickstarter Preview – Ascended Kings

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Spencer and Lara preview Ascended Kings from Incarnate Games and designer Jason Allen. Ascended Kings is a battle royal, arena combat style game for 2-4 players. This review is based on a prototype. Description from the publisher: Ascended Kings is a battle royal tabletop game for 2 – 4 players that… Read more »

Kickstarter Preview – Out Last: Wesbrooke

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Spencer and Lara preview Out Last: Wesbrooke, a zombie survival game funded on Kickstarter, published by Psycho Cat Games and designed by Nathan Thompson. Description form the designer: Out Last is a zombies vs. humans game that pits you against time and each other. Work with your team of fellow… Read more »